I started blogging as a way to share my experiences, both online and offline.  I’ve always been a bit of a computer nerd, but was totally in the dark when it comes to social media, so this is my outlet,  If you want to try your hand at blogging too, check out my tutorial here.

Here’s some fun facts about us:

  • I’m almost 40
  • I work in IT
  • I just started Crossfit
  • I spent my 21st birthday in Kuwait
  • My wife is a teacher
  • I’ve missed a lot of opportunities in my life
  • I ran my first and last Chicago Marathon last year
  • We have two daughters, age 7 and 4 (they own me)
  • I like to bowl
  • My favorite food is Pizza (NY style only, please)
  • I’m from the Northeast but we currently live near Chicago
  • I love pinball!  I own a T2 pinball machine
  • I’ve served nearly 20 years in the Air Force and Air National Guard
  • I spent 13 months in Iraq
  • I’m part owner in a brewery
  • I like cats (zip it) but we currently own a dog (lab/pit mix)
  • I own 4 rental properties
  • I like to fix things
  • My favorite color is Red
  • I own an uncut sheet of 1976 $2 bills
  • I need help budgeting (please?)
  • I have two associates degrees
  • My Dad is my hero
  • I used to drive sports cars but now I own a Buick…it’s a nice Buick tho
  • I’ve run three Tough Mudders
  • I woo’d my wife with a slice of pizza over 10 years ago
  • I’m horrible at golf, among other things

Interesting?  Maybe.  Too much information?  Definitely?  Have a random thought to share?  Post it in the comments below!